New race, new shoes, new season…

This past Saturday, I took place in the Overland Park Stampede 5K out here at a local farmstead/petting zoo in Kansas. It was all outdoors, and even at 7:00 AM it was crazy humid. Note to all future 5K organizers: Please, for the love of God, give people the opportunity to register a day or two prior to the event. Please don’t make registration at 6:00 AM the day of the race. That sucked… big time.


deanna rose DSC_5010-L


Between the hills, the sweat and the glorious smell of farm animals, I managed a very blah performance and time of 28:47 :/ Not really what I was aiming for, but at least I stayed under 30 minutes. Honestly, when I approached the finish line, I was fearing that I was in the high 30s from how long it seemed to take. I have my first 10K ever next month, so that should be interesting.

About a month or so ago after my last race, I went to the doctor with some really bad pain below my hip. Turns out it was mainly hip bursitis so I decided to try some new shoes. I’m sure it didn’t matter, but I’ll take any excuse to get some new running gear. I decided on the Saucony Kinvara 4 men’s shoe. Apparently I have a really wide foot, so to get any shoe out there is not super easy. The Kinvara 4 is more of a natural feel running shoes. I went from my Brooks Ghosts which were very supportive and cushioned to this shoe to see how it would do for me.

saucony 4


They ended up being pretty comfortable and I’ve “trained” in them for a bit…I put the word trained in quotation marks because I’ve only ran about 3 times in the last month. Sad, I know. So far, I like them. My legs feel like jelly today, but hopefully that will change soon.


Lastly, and just some random side notes I like to throw in, but my oldest daughter (8) started playing her new season of club/premier soccer. This is her second year of it and they now have a new coach. They ended up winning their first game Saturday 7-1 which was nice. Although as usual, there was a girl on the other team that was lazy and just ran around elbowing and shoving our girls in the back. That drives me absolutely insane. I understand soccer is a contact sport, but when it’s flagrant cheating, it really pisses me off. Even more so when the refs don’t do a damn thing. At this age, kids need to learn the rules about what is right and wrong and when they get away with things, they don’t learn. I’d be embarrassed if my kid was doing that stuff. Anyway, just my rant, but it makes going to games very tense. I’m going to start video taping these things and sharing with the league. You can complain all you want to the refs and the league but until you actually show them some proof of what’s going on, they push it aside.


Anyway, I’m going to start posting more on this blog, mixing running posts with every day life and family posts. I hope to add some fun and humor to it so hope you all enjoy.





Jingle in July 5K results/review

So I just did my 2nd officially timed 5k called “Jingle in July”. It was in an underground and indoor storage cave and I was excited to try it out because it is the middle of July in Kansas and aint’ nobody got time to run in the heat! :)

Ryan run c20130714_085713

I’m happy to report that I had a goal of less than 28 minutes based on the 29 minutes and change I did on my first 5K and I ended up with an official time of 27 minutes and 28 seconds. 3 days later and I can barely walk up the stairs, but hey, it was worth it! There were close to 500 of us running/walking and I finished 60th overall so almost the top 10%. Some of these guys that finish in 18 minutes drive me insane. I’ll never get to that point but keep in mind that I just try to beat my own goals each race. It’s a great sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Granted I can barely breathe after, but makes me feel like I’ve “won”. I was happy to have my dad come with me and watch so that was cool. He seemed to enjoy it…well, he enjoyed the Krispy Kremes they had post-race a lot I know that for sure.


Anyway, next race is coming up. An outdoor 7:00 AM run called Farmstead Stampede that starts at a local petting zoo and farm. Should be nice and stanky


More Songs to Run to….

I earlier in the year did a post about some of my favorite songs to run to and felt that there was definitely room to add some more to that list. Personally, if I don’t have my earphones on I don’t enjoy running nearly as much as I would with them. I try to compile these lists with a little diversity and originality. My main goal is to expose you all to some new tunes and not the same old tired stuff you know already. Not saying these are all groundbreaking, but heck, I like em…So, I give to you- MORE songs to run to:). I’ve linked all the images to Grooveshark so you can listen to them. Enjoy!

running matisyahuy_sunshine_drib11“Sunshine” by Matisyahu -

Everybody’s favorite Jewish rapper starts off my list with his 2012 hit “Sunshine”. I love this song. This guy is so talented and has such a unique and fresh sound. This is my favorite of all his music. Prepare to get your groove on.


running 1_original ”Rise and Fall” by The Offspring-

I’ve been a long time fan of the Offspring and their latest album has a great “stick it to the man” type song that gets me pissed and yet motivated. I’m not going to speculate and guess what it all means, I just use it as a good hard song that gets me going and I just assume it’s about telling other people to screw off and not caring what people think.


running Shake Your Rump ”Shake Your Rump” by the Beastie Boys-

Every time I listen to the album Paul’s Boutique, I’m reminded just how incredibly far ahead of its time it actually was. I had this on cassette as a kid and listened to it daily. The cassette itself was even red! :) “My man MCA has a beard like a billy goat” is probably the most common line from this song, but the whole thing is just pure music gold. RIP MCA…


running Lay+Me+Down+Feat+Rome ”Lay Me Down”  by The Dirty Heads -

If you like any old Sublime stuff, 311, Slightly Stoopid, etc this song is for you. It’s one of their more popular tunes and it so free and catchy, I listen to it over and over. It just flows and is smooth and you can’t help imagine yourself just hanging on the beach and chilling out with a margarita and some friends.


running classified-innerninja“Inner Ninja” by Classified featuring David Myles-

So I don’t know a ton about “Classified” other than the fact his album covers remind me of something Everlast would do, but this song is pretty new and it’s happy a la Dirty Heads too. It’s got a great overall positive vibe and just makes you bounce


running tumblr_mdni9cFxjm1qcaytu_1353187718_cover ”You Wreck Me” by Tom Petty-

Aw… the classics. This is just pure Petty highway rock. Crank it up and lace em up and go…..







Zombies, Run! App Review

My girls got me an Itunes gift card for my birthday, so rather than use it on music, I thought I’d seek out a cool running app. I have a lot all ready that are pretty similar (Endomondo, Pedometer+, Nike Running, etc) so I knew I didn’t really need another one that was similar. After doing some research, I came across a pretty cool app: Zombies, Run!

zombie again


It seemed to have good reviews, and for a $3.99 app, I wanted to make sure it was worth it. Now that I read that, I realize how cheap that sounds:) But hey, I use a lot of money on apps and it sucks when THEY suck. Anyway, I took the plunge and forked over the gift card dough and bought it. I finally got to use it last night and wanted to go at night to get the “full effect” and see if it added some spooky factor to it. I put on my earbuds and started the app. I was able to do some settings to where I could pick a playlist, which intermittently would play a song throughout my jog and it would be intertwined with the story of the zombie apocalypse. I don’t want to give away any spoilers or story details, but you’re basically being talked to by another zombie survivor as you run and he points out various landmarks around you and of course…zombies approaching! Along the way you virtually pick up random items like clothing and water and medical kits to help with your journey. I was actually excited when zombies were near so I could run harder. It is a bit creepy to hear the zombies groaning in your ear as they get closer! It’s really creepy when a freaking cat runs out in front of you at night too! :)


zombie photo 2 zombie photo 3


As you can see above, it keeps track of some pretty cool stats….My only complaint thus far is that apparently I got caught by a zombie, but I never really knew it. I was hoping the friend of mine would scream at me like “Hurry! you’re going to get eaten!!!” or something. And if I was too slow, someone would be yelling “AHHHH You’re getting eaten! Your arm has been ripped off and the zombie is literally beating you with it!!”Maybe I missed that part, but am definitely excited to dive back in and run again. It makes it interesting and interactive. Definitely do it at night to get the full thrill factor. Let your mind go and you’ll have fun with it.



Dirty Duo Review and Recap

So it’s been a while, and I thought about starting this post off with a “sorry all, it’s been a while since my last post” but since there is most likely maybe one person out there that reads this, I’ll hold off on the apologies:)

I was waiting until we got the photos from the Dirty Duo Kansas City race before I posted the recap and review. It took almost 2 weeks to get the pics back and we had to pay for each of them that we wanted to download, which was kinda lame. But hey, it didn’t break the bank and I like the pics. I went running with a buddy of mine- former marine and ultimate fighter- but the funny thing was, he was ready to stop running long before I was:) It was nearly a 6 mile run and it had 5 “obstacles”. I use quote marks because most of the obstacles were pretty bleh. The last one was basically hopscotch.




The crazy part was that they actually sent us in the WRONG Direction for the first mile… and hey, that’s when I actually have my stamina!  But oh well, it was an experience I suppose. The mud pit at the end was crazy fun and nothing like I’ve ever done before in my life, so it was totally worth it. Although the price tag was a bit steep, all in all I’d give it a 2/5 rating. Probably won’t do it again next year. I am fired up for the Rugged Maniac in October though for sure.


Next up is the Jingle In July 5K- an indoor 5k with Christmas themed decor. I’m excited for that one and look forward to it!


Dirty Duo Race Tomorrow

Well, it’s already time for my next race tomorrow and I wish I could say I was incredibly confident, but I’m not:) I haven’t been training or running much at all lately due to some personal things and so I’m not in tip top shape by any means. Anyway, tomorrow is the Dirty Duo race, a 5 mile mud run that gives the proceeds to the TNC Community charity- a non profit that helps adults with developmental problems. I’m running with a friend of mine and he’s a former UFC fighter and Military man, so I’m thinking he’s probably gonna carry us! There are a lot of obstacles and a really big 40 foot mud pit at the end. Of course, also at the end is music and beer, so hey, that’s nice. It’s not the cheapest race I’ve ever done ($65) but I need a new tee shirt and this is my first mud run before Rugged Maniac in October. Wish me luck! More details and pics to come…

Running around like crazy

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the 5K I was supposed to run this past weekend due to some ongoing health issues in the family. I was a bit disappointed, but it was 40 degrees and raining so I suppose if I’m going to have to miss one, it might as well be one on a crappy weather day!

KC Dirty Duo  A little biking. A little running

I did go ahead and sign up for the Kansas City Dirty Duo with a friend of mine that’s coming up mid June out by the Kansas Speedway. I don’t have a bike, so my friend and I will be doing all running. From the description, it has a lot of mud so that might be what I need to get prepped for the Rugged Maniac in October. I’m planning on the Tough Mudder next year and the Spartan Race as well…scheduling this year has just been a pain. I guess that’s what happens when I coach 4 days a week and work a full time job and plan a school carnival:) Speaking of, if anyone knows any anti-rain dance, please start doing it. I’ve been running around like crazy the last 7 months trying to get this carnival thing set up and would prefer not to have it indoors! So between coaching, school, work and…well…running… I’ve been running from task to task and staying incredibly busy. But hey, things can always be worse! Going to get back out there and start running again after a brief hiatus due to some health concerns internally here- but I’ll be going soon!

Thursday’s Random Rant – The English Language

Rfc1394_Book_on_MonitorI am the father to 3 daughters- 2 of which attend elementary school. Every day I get the stories of what they learned, how recess was , who threw up that day in class….you know, the basics. Every week, they both have spelling tests and they bring home a list of words they need to learn for that week’s test. After doing this for 6 months now, I’ve come to a few random conclusions about the English language.


  1. “A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y”- It’s time for the main 5 vowels to kick Y to the curb. Not once on Wheel of Fortune has a contestant ever had to “Buy” a Y. It’s a consonant. Vowels don’t need this back and forth, bipolar BS. You’re either in or you’re out, Y. No more “sometimes” crap.
  2. “Silent” letters – What kind of mind games are you playing with us, alphabet? SILENT letters? WTF is that? My daughter tells me the other day how to spell “knife” and says that the “k” is silent. Silent? You know what’s even better than being silent? Not having the letter there in the first place! I’m cool with “nife”! Say it out loud… sounds the same doesn’t it? Silent Letters… PFFFT.
  3. Multiple Meanings – I read that the word “Set” has 464 different meanings in the dictionary. 464! We can come up with silent letters, but we can’t make up new words for stuff? We just recycle the same word 400 freaking times? Making words is easy. Flaz. There…just made that word up. Doesn’t exist. Use it for what you like.

And that my friends is my random rant for today. Happy May!


To Time or Not to Time

Since I did my first 5K earlier in the month, I’ve caught the running bug… I’ve been scouring list after list of surrounding races, obstacle courses, 5K, 10K and every other K out there. I went ahead and signed up for my first ever 10K that is happening in September, so I have about 5 months to train.

I don’t know maybe I’ve become a running snob already, but I’ve seen a lot of these color runs, neon runs, etc that look like a ton of fun, but as i get to the registration page I find that so few actually keep time officially. It’s a “fun run” and there’s no bibs, no timing chips, no official times… nothing. To me, it’s like going to a pre-season football game. It’s fun to go and be there, but all in all, it doesn’t really count no matter who wins. Granted, I have no realistic dream of ever actually winning a 5K, but I’d like to have that official feeling of knowing where I finished among all the other participants. I’ve ended up passing over several races because they don’t have results or timing at all… just a “unique experience” etc. Again, maybe I’m being a snob, but if I’m running for 3+ miles, I want something other than just a finish line at the end of my race. I want the timing chip and the email that says “results are up on the website” and the printout of my time and rank. I’m far from being “good” at this, but hey, that’s my reward for running. I think the only exception to this would be specific run/walks for charity. I have zero problem with that if it’s for a benefit or cause, and most are, but for the fun runs, I’m out to be as official as I can get. I did end up signing up for the GreatBullRun in Virginia which is not timed. That would be another exception. I think crossing the finish line with no noticeable scarring or dismemberment is even better than having an official score. What do you think? Timed vs. Untimed? Does it matter…

watch 1312453720

I love being a dad

I’m a dad to 3 girls. I play Barbies. I’m not that good at it, but I play anyway. I buy pink softball gloves, pink bats, pink soccer balls, pink soccer shoes, pink headbands, pink shin guards and pink socks. I’ve seen every ICarly episode ever filmed and know most Taylor Swift songs by heart. I’ve failed at countless attempts at ponytails and being able to French braid is my ultimate styling goal. I’ve passed along the valuable advice that if you can’t brush your hair, put a hat on. I’ve been urged to love Justin Bieber- than urged to dislike him-then like him again-then since he and Selena broke up and he threw up on stage … to dislike him again. I’ve become nauseous at the price of American Girl dolls. I’ve become MORE nauseous at the price of American Girl doll accessories. I’ve eaten my weight in macaroni and cheese in the last 5 years. I’ve received makeovers in front of the mirror and I’ve granted do-overs when the spinner on the Life board game lands on a small number because “that doesn’t count”. I’ve cried more tears of joy in the last 10 years, than the previous 25. I’ve realized that the kiss from the hottest girl in high school doesn’t mean sh*t in comparison to a kiss on the cheek from your daughter. Prom doesn’t hold a candle to the Daddy Daughter Dance. I’ve learned the difference between Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts. Art at my home isn’t a framed oil painting…it’s a drawing in crayon and is taped to the wall in my office. I love that my girls love me as a dad. I pray they don’t fall in love someday with anyone that is like me when I was a teenager. I love my girls. I love being a Dad.